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quinta-feira, 30 de janeiro de 2014

Art Paris Art Fair 2014

Del 27 al 30 de Marzo, Grand Palais
Arte Moderno + Contemporáneo + Diseño
China Invitado de Honra
Inaugurción: 26 de Marzo 2014
Art Paris Art Fair 2014 looks East
From 27th to 30th March 2014, some 140 international galleries from 20 countries will come together at the Grand Palais in Paris to present a wide-ranging panorama of modern and contemporary art, including photography, design and art publications.
The selection of galleries for 2014 goes one step further towards confirming the event’s new identity and direction adopted three years ago: a European fair that explores Eastern lands (Central Europe, Middle East and Asia.)
Alongside the galleries that came as part of last year’s invitation to Russia as guest of honour, a number of galleries are coming in response to the invitation of China this year. Several Asian galleries are also joining such as Hua Gallery (London), Adler Subhashok Gallery (Bangkok) and 313 Art Project (Seoul).
Although Art Paris Art Fair is becoming increasingly international (50% of foreign galleries this year compared to 43% in 2013), the fair remains committed to supporting those who constitute its foundations in Europe and France where it is deeply anchored. Among the new participants are Feizi (Brussels), Ditesheim & Maffei Fine Art (Neuchâtel), Alessandro Bagnai (Florence) as well as Mario Mauroner (Vienna) who returns to the fair this year. Among the French, Camera Obscura, Bertrand and Grimont are returning while others are coming for the first time, including Françoise Besson (Lyon), In Camera (Paris), Françoise Livinec (Paris) and in the design section, Jousse (Paris), Armel Soyer (Paris) and Galerie NeC nilsson et chiglien (Paris, Hong Kong) 
P/ (Artes100F)
Informações práticas:
Vernissage (somente para convidados): Quarta 26 de março 2014 06:00-22:00
Horário de Funcionamento:
Quinta-Feira 27 de Março 11: 30 - oito horas.
Sexta-feira 28 de março 11: 30 - dez horas.
Sábado, 29 de Março 11: 30 – oito horas.
Domingo, 30 de Março 11: 30 - sete horas.
Entrada: 22 €/11 € para estudantes e grupos.
Catálogo: 20 €


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